2018 Conference Graduate Credit

Take your METC Conference experience back to the classroom and earn graduate credit! For an additional application fee, attendees can earn graduate credit(s) from two local Universities. Registration is onsite at the Lindenwood or Webster University booths. To learn more about each of the learning opportunities offered, you may contact the specific representative. For Lindenwood University, please contact JEdler@lindenwood.edu and at Webster University, please contact Peggy Peel at peelmm@webster.edu

2018 Conference Participation
One hour graduate credit is available through Lindenwood University or Webster University for conference participation and classroom work with an application fee.  Participants choose a strand or focus area from the METC Conference sessions that are geared towards the content or discipline area they teach or are responsible for supervising. A follow-up assignment is due to the University of choice after the conference concludes. 

2018 Action Research & Follow-Up Project
After completing the first graduate credit, participants can receive an additional hour of graduate credit from Lindenwood University or Webster University by participating in the Action Research or Follow-Up Project that each University offers. Participants will make a commitment to engage in an action research project in their classrooms and share their experiences with the group, either face-to-face or online.  At school, they will try out the new strategy in teaching a lesson or unit in their curriculum. Or participants can dive deeper in unit or lesson planning based on the learning from a specific focus area or session. Check out the different follow up activities each University offers and register with them in order to confirm your choice. 

Lindenwood University 

Webster University
Lindenwood Webster University