METC ISTE Certification: Online

ISTE Certification is Now Fully Online!

Due to the extraordinary circumstances that we now face, with closures and social distancing, ISTE and METC will provide ISTE Certification fully online until September 30, 2020. Traditionally, our certification was in a blended format with two days of face to face, up to nine weeks of online asynchronous learning and six months to create and submit a portfolio based on the ISTE Standards for Educators.

In place of the required F2F learning, learners will attend three virtual sessions via Zoom with  asynchronous activities to participate in between. This alternative format allows educators to continue professional learning and acquire skills to support their new roles in virtual instruction.

Please view ISTE’s FAQ document for more information about the program.  

Through the ISTE Certification process, educators will participate with a cohort in a synchronous training, then an asynchronous eight week online learning course based on the ISTE Standards and transformative pedagogy. This first part of the ISTE Certification journey is in preparation for the creation of the ePortfolio of artifacts. (Passing score of 20/25 or 80%) (detailed online cohort schedule)

After completing the online course, participating educators will have six months to apply their learning and compile artifacts with reflections into a competency-based portfolio to earn ISTE Certification

After the virtual learning connections, the online learning course content will be taught in the following four modules: 
* Designing For Diversity; 
* Personalized Learning & Alternative Assessments;
* Digital Learning Environments: Design Thinking & Computational Thinking;
* The New Digital Citizenship

ISTE Certification brochure  and Why Become ISTE Certified

Preparation & Synchronous Virtual Learning 
(approximately 12-14 hours)

Pre-Assessment required before attending. To be sent to registered attendees prior.
Additional Prior Learning / Flipped PD (1-2 hours) each day. 
(detailed online cohort schedule)

Online Coursework Eight Weeks 
(approximately 14-22 hours)

Week One & Two - Module 1 Online (3-5 hours)
Week Two - Optional Virtual Check-In via Zoom / Collaborative Share (1 hour)
Week Three & Four - Module 2 Online (3-5 hours)
Week Four - Optional Virtual Check-In via Zoom / Collaborative Share (1 hour)
Week Five & Six - Module 3 Online (3-5 hours)
Week Six - Optional Virtual Check-In via Zoom / Collaborative Share (1 hour)
Week Seven & Eight - Module 4 Online (3-5 hours)

Module 5 - open throughout the eight weeks
Week Eight - Optional Virtual Celebration via Zoom / Post Evaluation (1 hour) 

*Note: Attendees may move along course at a slower or faster pace by one-two weeks.

Portfolio of Artifacts - Up to Six Months

Once the eight week online course is completed, you have up to 6 months to complete your e-portfolio of 9-14 artifacts to be submitted to ISTE for review. Access to a certification portal is provided where you can get feedback from all cohorts as you prepare your portfolio of artifacts and reflections. Once submitted, ISTE Certification Evaluators will review the artifacts. Those who successfully meet the certification will become ISTE Certified Educators.
(Passing score of 20/25 or 80%)

ISTE Certification Process

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