METC Summer Institute 2019

METC’s 4th annual METC Summer Institute is going to sizzle and rock with several previous METC Spotlight Educators as our presenters! Come hear from these seasoned educators who have a passion for all things innovative, creative and NEW.

During the two days, in-depth learning will be provided on the most popular topics from our annual METC Conference through collaborative and creative experiences.  These smaller, hands-on sessions will give you an opportunity to explore, design, analyze, code, create and collaborate! 

METC Summer Institute 2019

In addition to Featured Speakers, several METC Spotlight Educators will share their experiences and learnings with 3D printing, Augmented and Virtual Reality and Design Thinking. Learn innovative projects and engaging activities that can be utilized within the classroom and discover ideas for flexible learning spaces in the METC Playkerspace. Explore local resources, new digital tools and expand your Personal Learning Network leaving you more confident and inspired!

Everyone is encouraged to bring a laptop, tablet and other mobile devices, and follow @METCedplus & #METCsi on social media. 

The METC Summer Institute will:

  • Provide a hands-on professional learning experience over two days
  • Focus on STEM, Computer Science, Innovative Practices and Global Connections
  • Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills through breakout sessions
  • Promote collaboration while building your Professional Learning Network
  • Foster a growth mindset by offering opportunities for playing and exploring
  • Encourage perseverance by encouraging participation in challenges

All educators interested in supporting STEM, MakerEd and Computer Science in our schools should attend this annual event. 

Online registration for #METCsi is OPEN

$149 for EdPlus/METC Members

$189 for Non Members

Walk-Ins are welcome, however discounts do not apply.

Schedule & Descriptions

Lindenwood University - Graduate Credit Registration

METC Summer Institute 
Missouri Baptist University
8:30am - 3:30pm

Sample Breakout Sessions:

Become A Master of the EdTech Universe with the ISTE Standards           
Nick Cusumano
Join ISTE Certified Educator Nick Cusumano as we use the ""Power of ISTE Educator and Student Standards"" as a road map to helping students become empowered learners. These standards will deepen your practice, promote collaboration with peers, challenge you to rethink traditional approaches & more."    

Coding with the Big 3
Jonathon Lee
Companies small and large want to help grow the next generation of coders. This includes the 3 biggest Tech Giants; Microsoft, Apple & Google. Come explore each of these three tech giants’ platforms and add to the Jam to help determine to pros & cons of each.  

Thinking Outside the Notebook with Rocketbook      
Stephanie Filardo
How well do your students (and you) manage digital (and paper) paperwork?  Come think outside the notebook and discover uses for the Rocketbook app in and out of the classroom.  From digitizing notes to streamlining assignment/project submissions to organizing lesson plans...and more.      

Make Learning a Snap: Using Student Images for Deeper Understanding
Christine Ruder
Heard of #BookSnaps? Let’s try #LearningSnaps! Using various technology tools, learn how to have your elementary students create images that illustrate their thinking. Using LearningSnaps allows students to reflect and share their understanding in an engaging, personalized manner.       

Designing for Diversity Work Session
Lindsay Schmidt       
This will be a hands-on workshop, digging deep into utilizing your curriculum and the MLS/ISTE/NGSS standards to create innovative STEM units for your classroom. You will have the opportunity to network with each other and share some of your own innovative ideas!      

Storytellling in 360 Degrees        
Bill Bass
Virtual and augmented reality can bring immersive storytelling to your students and give them the opportunity to walk in the shoes of another. Come and explore the ways literacy and storytelling are changing and how we can bring 360 degree images and videos to life for our students.           

Tech Top 20
Sophie Chambers
Come hear the top 20 tech tools I recommend every educator should try in 2019! From the Calm app for educators to Venngage to 360 Cities, everyone will walk away with at least a few new resources to explore. This session will give brief introductions to each tool on a beginner's level.     

Novel Engineering - Bringing Literature to Life with STEM
Tina Lauer    
Novel Engineering brings STEM into literature by helping students identify the problems the characters/people encounter in the stories they read. Using the design process, students develop a deep understanding of and empathy for the characters while they design solutions to the problems.      

Technology's role in Modern Classroom Design        
Robert Dillon
This presentation will feature highlights of schools around the country that have found a sync between digital and physical space design. It will highlight six areas that schools should consider when design active learning environments for their students.    

Connect, Investigate, Create, and Innovate with a Green Screen      
Christine Ruder
Learn how your students can use a green screen to create videos as an innovative way to connect to the concepts they are learning in a deeper way as well as to share their learning with others. We will create a short video in this session.       

Virtual Field Trips and Digital Storytelling with Tour Builder       
Joshua Howard
Virtual field trips smashed with digital storytelling! Participants will use Tour Builder with Google Earth to create learning experiences. Tour Builder allows you pick the locations from the map, add in photos, text, and video, and then share your creations with your class for unforgettable lessons   

HyperDocs? HyperNumbers? HyperWhatever?          
Colleen Carter-Skiles
Make a lesson or a unit “hyper” in 5 steps, with Google or Apple and multiple platforms integration create a HyperWhatever that will engage the learners, personalize learning, encourage inquiry and engage students across all grade levels.  So let's get Hyped!         

Full STEAM Ahead
Sophie Chambers
Come learn about how one small, rural district launched an after-school STEAM Club with no district funding. The club is thriving in its third year and features spectacular independent studies as well as teacher-directed units and exploratory units. This session will include discussion time and Q&A.          

Featured Luncheon Sessions:

Changing Energy and Wellness Through Intentional Design
Robert Dillon
This presentation will feature the use of static, dynamic, and digital displays throughout a school can help enhance a learning space for teachers and students. Four big considerations will be outlined for design teams looking to make change.

3D Maker App Smash!
Joshua Howard         
Google Drawings is a user friendly canvas for designing and customizing visual ideas. We'll turn  2D ideas into 3D designs by importing your custom drawings into Tinkercad, a free 3D modeling program. We will also explore simple workflows for many 3D printing projects.  

METC Summer Institute Schedule

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