METC EdTech Academies Overview

The Midwest Education Technology Community offers a variety of long and short-term learning opportunities. We support your educational technology needs through face-to-face, blended, and online learning. METC can also customize a professional learning opportunity to fit your specific needs. Register for the learning opportunities online or contact us to create one for you!

For over twenty years METC has offered the Technology Leadership Academy where cohorts of educators learn and network together from September to March, including attending the annual METC Conference. Long-term learning opportunities are proven to have a positive impact on the sustainable changes needed in teaching and learning.  Over the years we added several other academies that provide effective use of technology with hands-on practice while building your professional learning network.


METC has revamped and combined our three most popular academies to take place in a blended learning format including two of our most popular events: METC Digital Citizenship Day and the METC Conference. 

Based on the ISTE Standards for Educators, participants will select a cohort that best meets their needs, then engage in virtual connections, self-paced online learning, social media networks and face-to-face events.  These learning tracks have been created for a team or individuals to complete activities and explore resources via a personalized learning path.

Choose the Technology Leadership, Library and Media Literacy or STEM and MakerEd cohort. Learn the basics together during the evening virtual connections and break into the personalized cohorts for the self-paced online learning. Cohorts will meet at Digital Citizenship Day and at the METC Conference for an all inclusive academy.

Register for one cohort independently or choose leaders for each cohort to learn alongside each other in this new, collaborative learning format. 

Learning Goals:

  • Model digital citizenship as a cohort member of online learning environments that include virtual connections, discussion forums and social media chats
  • Explore contemporary and emerging digital tools that promote effective use of technology integration for all learners like Google Apps, Open Education Resources (OER) and free resources
  • Learn about technology integration methods and frameworks like SAMR, TPACK and the Future Ready Frameworks
  • Create a Computer Science activity that supports STEM Education and/or the MakerEd Movement
  • Collaborate to curate resources and ideas for innovative teaching, creative designing and flexible learning
  • Develop a vision with action steps to use technology in your role as a leader
  • Experience the importance of self-directed learning and professional learning networks

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 METC EdTech Academy for 2019-20

Course Outline for 2019-2020 METC Technology Academies

 Sept 30 – METC Academy - Virtual Collaboration #1 at 7:30pm CST

o Self-Paced Online Learning

 Oct 25 – attend DigCit Day @ Webster University

(Free registration to attend DigCit Day)

o Self-Paced Online Learning

 Dec 9 -13 – Computer Science Week – participate or host a CS event

o Self-Paced Online Learning

 Jan 6 – METC Academy - Virtual Collaboration #2 at 7:30pm CST

o Self-Paced Online Learning

 Feb 10-13 – attend METC20 Conference @ St. Charles Convention Center

(Free registration to attend one day at METC)

o Self-Paced Online Learning

 Mar 2 – METC Academy - Virtual Collaboration #3 at 7:30pm CST

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