Digital Citizenship Resources

Educators should not only be digital citizens themselves, but they should also teach their students how to be respectful digital citizens. Over the past several decades, technology has taken a prominent role in educating all learners, it is up to educators and parents to make sure our children know how to research, interact, and collaborate online safely and appropriately. We have gathered resources to help with the learning and teaching of digital citizenship for all learners. METC also provides many professional learning opportunities for educators and parents to learn more about being a digital citizen, as well as how to support students in this ever-changing journey. 

Digital Citizenship Professional Learning

Digital Citizenship Resources




Common Sense Parents

Digital Driver's License

Common Sense Educators

A Parent's Guide to 21st-Century Learners


Digital Citizenship in Schools


21 Things For Students


Guide for Parents


Digital Citizenship

NetsSmarts Parents

NetsSmarts Kids

21 Things For Teachers

Navigating Digital Mindfulness

Cyberwise DigCit Games



Webonauts Internet Academy

Media Education Lab

Authors of Books about Digital Citizenship

* Kristen Mattson

* Jason Ohler

* Mike Ribble

* Shelly Sanchez Terrell