METC20 Session Types

Session Proposals
Below are some of the different types of learning opportunities at the
METC 2020 Conference
Monday, February 10 - Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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Closes July 10, 2019


METC 2020 Conference Sessions
NEW this year! We are expanding our conference to three full days, with more choices for our attendees to personalize their experience. You will be able to Build Your Own Conference (BYOC) with several types of sessions to add-on for extended learning. Choose to attend one, two or all three days! Choose to add on a hands-on workshop for a deeper-dive in a specific topic or tool or a Specialty Luncheon with a Featured Speaker and a hot buffet. 

BYOC Example: ISTE Certification will be offered as a 3-day conference registration with certification training on Monday & Wednesday of the conference, and Tuesday will be available for attending the Keynote, a Specialty Luncheon, Exhibit Hall, SHOWcase, and Poster or Breakout Sessions.

Workshops will be embedded throughout the three days of the 2019 METC Conference. They offer attendees the opportunity to attend a workshop that is hands-on and in-depth about a specific topic, tool, etc. Each workshop has a maximum number of slots and will be available onsite as a first-come-first-served choice. Workshops may be BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or may focus on a specific software, application or tool. Read through the descriptions and choose carefully. 

Our staff is currently planning and coordinating with sponsors and interested companies to develop this new personalized experience. We will add other learning experiences for attendees throughout the next months like certifications, micro-badging, and more. METC U will be finalized by September, so all attendees will have an opportunity to review before they register.

All Sessions 
All Session Proposals are due by 11:00pm CT on July 10, 2019
Submit Session Presenter ~ Download the Call for Proposal Template 

Breakout Session - 50 minutes
Limited to two presenters. Consists of a presentation with resources and time for Q&A.

Workshop/Double Session - 100 minutes
Limited to two presenters. Consists of a longer sessions with time for creating and exploring through hands on activities.

Playground Session - 50 minutes
Limited to two presenters. Consists of hands-on, poster style session inside the METC Playkerspace, and presenting from a table.

Theatre Session - 50 minutes
Limited to two presenters. Consists of a presentation from a small stage inside the METC Playkerspace.

Poster Session - 75 minutes
Limited to two presenters. Consists of a casual, walk-up learning opportunity within a designated time frame during the conference. Poster Session Presenters should bring all supporting materials - signs, poster board, computer, handouts, etc. Audio Visual is not provided in an effort to increase discussions and collaboration with presenters.

Exhibitor Demo - 50 Minutes
Limited to two presenters. Present about a product, your company or a topic that is relevant and related to your company. The company presenting must be represented at the METC Conference as an Exhibitor with a booth space or be a Sponsor, and will be charged an additional fee of $300.