METC's Google Extravaganza: A Summer Fiesta - July 17 & 18, 2019

Designed as an extension of our popular Google Mania bootcamp, Google Extravaganza is a mixture of beginner and advanced Google Tools, Tips and Tricks, Add-Ons and Extensions.  Join Google Certified Instructors, Innovators, Trainers and premier Featured Speakers in this engaging, hands-on event!

METCpd Google Extravaganza

Through a variety of presentations, learn Google features and strategies to use in your classroom today, along with apps and shortcuts to use as a professional. Create your own personal learning experience by exploring the tools and resources that best fit your needs. 

Throughout the two days, expand your learning and Google tool box by diving into Google Apps, Extensions and Add-Ons. There are many hidden features you’ll discover while meeting other educators at this event, expanding both your knowledge and your Professional Learning Network. 

Bring your Google friendly devices: laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and other Android devices to participate in this two day event in partnership with the Google Educator Group of Eastern Missouri.

GEG MO Eastern


  • Learn how Google Tools and Apps can enhance your teaching and learning
  • Explore features and strategies for using Google Apps, Extensions and Add-Ons
  • Create a personal learning path to extend your Google knowledge
  • Expand your Personal Learning Network to include Google App Users

NOTE: the Urban Dictionary states: Extravaganza is anything fun that usually involves something you haven't done before with the most fun friends you know. 




2nd annual Google Extravaganza
July 17 & 18, 2019
8:30am - 3:30pm
Discovery Elementary in the Orchard Farm School District

Google Extravaganza

Sample Breakout Sessions:

Advanced Google Spreadsheets
Bill Bass
Did you know that Google Spreadsheets can help you automate your classroom with a few simple formulas? In this session we will look at ways to create digital workflows of your student's work helping you better track and manage the data you collect.

6 Deeper Google Tools
Sophie Chambers
Do you want to learn more advanced Google educational tools? These six powerful resources are great for long-term projects or higher-ability students. Learn how to implement Google Tour Builder, Arts & Culture, Hangouts, geography tools, CS First, and Science Fair.    

Google Slides Can Do What?           
Tina Lauer
Did you know that you can create ebooks, newsletters, and animations with Google Slides?  No? Well, then this session is for you!  You will explore new options in Google Slides, add-ons specifically for Google Slides       

They're Never Too Young for Google Apps           
Christine Ruder
Google Docs...Slides...Drawings...Do you think your students are too young for these tools? Learn how to use Google apps and tools with our youngest learners in engaging ways.          

Break Out of Your Classroom!
Carolyn Allen
Have you been to an escape room and love the thrill of solving puzzles to get out of the room but don’t have funds to purchase physical breakout boxes?  Help your students have that same thrill using digital breakouts featuring Google Apps such as Sites, Forms, Drawings, and Slides. 

3 Quick Wins with Google Classroom for Math Teachers
Nick Cusumano
This session offers 3 quick wins to help you harness the awesome power of Google Classroom. Learn how to master the Organization of a Google Classroom, how to create Actionable Assignments and ways to provide effective feedback within the Google Classroom platform.         

Featured Lunch Sessions:
Come Jam with Us
Jonathon Lee
Come join the discussion around important education topics using one of the newer collaborative Google Apps, Jamboard. Learn about the app and how it could be used within the classroom all while talking about real issues within the classroom.

Google Rapid Fire
Sophie Chambers
Come learn over 20 Google/Chromebook tips, tricks, and tools during this rapid-fire session. If you like getting quick previews of new resources & then exploring them on your own, this session is for you. Includes Gmail keyboard shortcuts, stop motion on Chromebooks, Bitmoji for Chrome, & more.