METC Spotlight Educators: Nominate or Apply

The METC Spotlight Educator recognition honors educators from the region whose practices are making a difference for students and teachers. This is reflected by increased knowledge, as well as improved skills and academic achievement because of the use and integration of technology into their instructional practices.
Those selected as METC Spotlight Educators must be practicing, certified educators in Missouri OR any of our eight neighboring states (Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Tennessee), be a member of METC, must complete the submission process, and have extensive experience in learning and leading with technology.
Ideal candidates Motivate, Engage, Transform, and Connect using technology to improve teaching and learning. Those chosen as METC Spotlight Educators can be eligible again for the honor five years after they’ve received it the first time.

         Application Deadline is July 10, 2019 at 11pm Central   
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All METC Spotlight Educators receive:

1. Free registration to the METC 2020 Conference
2. Framed Certificate of Recognition
3. Special invitation to the METC Speakers Dinner
4. Early notification of the METC Special Events
5. Press Release / Recognition Provided to Supervisor
6. Special recognition during the METC 2020 Conference
7. METC Swag

Application/Nomination Requirements

* Complete the online application / nomination form by July 10, 2019 at 11pm Central
(If you are nominating someone, you need to notify them and work together to complete the form.)
* Provide two references
* Submit a video that demonstrates you / your nominee’s presentation skills

    • Start with applicant / nominee on camera introduction
    • Show an example of work, including the outcome / impact
      Example: the impact on students by showing student work, etc. or the impact on teacher by testimonials, teacher work, etc.
    • Describe the impact & reflect on the personal learning
    • 3 minutes or less
    • Cite all resources, including your own (Citation of sources is not included in the time limit)
  • NOTE: Use the link to copy the template for planning purposes. Thank you for supporting our METC Program!

METC Spotlight Educator Requirements:

1. Attend the METC 2020 Conference, February 10-12, 2020 (free)
2. Present three sessions total; one each day. This does not include sessions with co-presenters.
3. Agree to have name and picture advertised in eNewsletters, the METC website and other conference materials.
4. Be a practicing educator in Missouri or one of its neighboring states.
5. Be a full-time employee of an educational institution. 
5. Be a METC Member

Nominate or Apply Today

Please contact Stephanie Madlinger at for more information.