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Are you an educator whose practices make a difference for their students, staff, district and community? We're looking for those who are talking the talk and walking the walk the Rock Stars among us who are stepping up in the classroom and presenting at conferences in their off-season. We want to honor those who are doing great jobs in their roles and encourage them to share their skills and expertise with others.

METC Spotlight Educators must be practicing certified educators in Missouri or surrounding states who demonstrate the METC values of motivation, engagement, transformation and connection through the use of technology. The honorees are METC members who use their skills and expertise to improve teaching and learning beyond their classrooms. 

To be considered as a spotlight educator, one must apply or be nominated by their peers no later than 5:00 p.m. CDT July 15, 2020. If you are nominating someone, please contact the nominee and work together to complete the form. 

Application/Nomination Requirements

Provide two references
Submit a video that demonstrates you / your nominee’s presentation skills

    • Start with applicant / nominee on camera introduction
    • Show an example of work, including the outcome / impact 
      Example: the impact on students by showing student work, etc. or the impact on teacher by testimonials, teacher work, etc.
    • Describe the impact & reflect on the personal learning
    • 3 minutes or less
    • Cite all resources, including your own (Citation of sources is not included in the time limit)

METC Spotlight Educator Requirements:

1. Attend the 2021 METC Conference both February 9 and February 10, 2021. (free)
2. Present two sessions total; one February 9 and one February 10. This does not include sessions with co-presenters or pre-conference workshops.
3. Agree to have your name and picture advertised in eNewsletters, the METC website and other conference promotional materials.
4. Be a practicing educator in Missouri or one of its neighboring states 

Please use this template to help prepare your nomination.

Nominate or Apply Today

Please contact Stephanie Madlinger at for more information.