Presenter Resources

The Midwest EdTech Community supports and advocates for legal, moral and ethical policies and practices when using technology. We encourage all presenters to be model digital citizens and respect these same standards when representing our program. Therefore, please be sure to review these Federal Laws as you create and share with our attendees. If you do happen to share a resource that does not follow these be sure to let the attendees know and encourage them to check with their school / district Technology Guidelines & Policies before implementing. Likewise, as leaders in education we model best practices in Fair Use and Copyright. Be sure to give credit and cite your resources in your presentations. We appreciate your support in modeling quality Digital Citizenship and helping to keep our METC Program high quality.


Below are additional resources to reference:

Resources to learn more about COPPA, CIPA and FERPA:


Resources to learn more about Fair Use & Copyright:


Resources to learn more about Digital Citizenship:

Presenter Requirements

All METC presenters are required to register for the conference by the Early-Bird Deadline, December 5, 2018. After acceptance notices have been sent, presenters will receive instructions on how to register to receive the presenter discounted rate. Presenters are required to provide a link to any presentation resources which will be posted in the METC Mobile App and Website. More information is located on the Presenter Info page.

*Exhibitors have the opportunity present one of two ways.

Be sure to follow us on social media @METCedplus and our conference hashtag #METC19. If you have any questions contact McKinna Allen