DigCitDay: Educating Digital Citizens Today 12/9/16

EducationPlus is thrilled to have two of our premier learning programs; CharacterPlus and the Midwest Education Technology Community (METC) bring you this powerful event. Along with our partners from the Digital Citizenship Institute, we invite educators, parents and community leaders to this inaugural day of learning how to educate our digital citizens. We all must support these efforts to create savvy, ethical digital citizens in today’s world. To do this, we need to bring ALL stakeholders together including educators, parents, and community leaders. Experts and organizations across the globe are creating valuable content regarding digital citizenship. We will explore these resources and more during our inaugural DigCitDay.

This Digital Citizenship Day intends to provide:
•  collaboration among educators and community to support positive digital change
•  insight from educators, researchers, community leaders, media specialists, and parents
•  exploration of resources that address digital literacy and media literacy
•  share action steps for protecting and educating ourselves while using online platforms
•  opportunities for tackling respect by addressing cyber-bullying and social etiquette 

DigCitDay 2016

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