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Student Innovation SHOWcase Submission Rules

  • Teacher Advisors/Sponsors are responsible for delivering projects/items to the conference for display (it is recommended that students also attend to assist with presenting). Please submit work to the proper category.

  • All submissions should be linked to standards.

  • Upon submission, work does not have to be completed, but some sort of artifact should be available to demonstrate what will be SHOWcased at the event.

  • Digital Media submissions are limited to two (2) minutes or less. (*not including citations / credits)

  • Innovation SHOWcase Volunteers will reject any entry deemed inappropriate. Content must be "family" or "G" rated.

  • Innovation SHOWcase will reject any project that does not cite all of its sources: images, sounds, music, animation, etc. Teacher Advisors / sponsors should validate all sources.

  • There will be a limit of 3 projects per teacher for elementary and 5 per teacher for middle and high. (If one class completes 5 projects, the teacher should score projects and submit their best work.)

Connection to Standards
Each submission should be connected to ISTE Standards for Students and either State Learning Standards, CCSS, and/or NGSS.  These connections should be provided within the submission form.

Entry Submissions Due By Thursday, December 19, 2019, 11:59 p.m. CSTMO Border States Map

Must be from Missouri or one of it's bordering states and have the following included:

  1. Online Entry Form Completed (Information and Summary)

  2. Student/group reflection (inside the Entry Form)

  3. ShowMe Innovation SHOWcase Release Form (on file at school)

Student/Group Reflection
Each student or group of students must complete the reflection questions located within the Entry Form.  Though it is not expected for these to be lengthy (max. 200 words), they should be thoughtful.  These reflective questions will be displayed with student work.

Entry Summary
Each submission must have a summary.  This should be completed within the Entry Form no later than December 19, 2019.  Again, the expectation is that this not be lengthy (max. 200 words), but it should be detailed enough to help educators understand the process necessary to complete the project and the purpose behind it. Summaries will be on display for educators to read.

METC Conference SHOWcase
Entries will be invited to display and present their digital work during the METC Conference, Monday, February 10 or Tuesday, February 11, 2020. More information on this special invitation will follow from our METC sub-committee members.

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