Student Innovation SHOWcase

For over a decade, the METC has sponsored the Show-Me a Movie Contest that showcased and honored several hundred students. Because of it's success and an interest in the region to expand the digital projects students create, last year we developed and expanded to the new Student Innovation SHOWcase!

In 2016, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) released student friendly standards that were meant to prepare our students for the future.  Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Innovation are at the heart of these standards.  You can find these same traits in the Missouri Learning Standards.  Students all over the region are being innovative everyday in and out of the classroom.  It is time they had a large audience to SHOWcase their ideas and work.  

ISTE Student Standards

The Student Innovation SHOWcase in five categories. These categories will be Show-me:  a Podcast, a Movie, Coding, Digital Tech/Art and Maker.  Students will need to connect their entry to the ISTE Standards for Students, Missouri's State Standards (or the student's district/state standards) and/or NGSS standards.  We at the METC are excited to see all the innovation on display again in 2018! 

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View the 2017 SHOWcase

2018 Submission Form

The METC Student Innovation SHOWcase
is open to
Pre-K-12th grade students!

Students from Missouri & its border states are welcome to submit a digital project for METC's Student Innovation SHOWcase!

SHOWcase Rules & Entry Information

Deadline for submissions:
Wednesday, December 19, 2018
at 11pm CT.

Specific Questions? 
Contact us at

SHOWcase Sponsorship Opportunities


  • SHOW-me a Podcast:
    Auditory Broadcast
    (*2 minutes)

  • SHOW-me a Movie:
    Digital Movie
    (2 minutes) 

  • SHOW-me Coding:
    Built with Code

  • SHOW-me Digital Tech/Art:
    3-D Printing; Digital Art

  • SHOW-me Maker:
    Project, Prototype, or Idea developed in a Makerspace

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