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Questioning Techniques that bring about Change

Spotlight Educator: Kim Darche, Digital Learning Coach, SD113A
Day/Time: Wednesday - 10:50am - 11:40am
Audience: K - Post Secondary
Tech Level: All
Strand: Innovative Instruction
Room: Grand Ballroom C

What are the questions we ask in our classrooms? Are we supporting our student learning by teaching students how to ask questions during genius hour or in Makerspace or a book group? The fine art of asking questions which once seemed as simple as A,B,C at the age of 3 somehow loses its intensity and vigor as we grow older. Let's start a renaissance of questioning within our own craft! In this "minds-on" session, learners will ask the questions, explore how to leverage responses and build upon them as we flex our questioning muscles! We will modify traditional discussion techniques to understand innovative phrasing and practices that support a culture of moonshot thinkers.

Quick & Easy Tools for Creative Communication & Collaboration

Speakers: Deanna Moylan, Technology Information Literacy Teacher, Francis Howell School District
                 Carmen Kenney-Hill, Instructional Technology Specialist, Francis Howell School District
                 Dr. Paula Wuebbles, Technology and Information Literacy and Family and Consumer Science Teacher, Francis Howell School District
Day/Time: Wednesday - 10:50am - 11:40am
Audience: K - 12
Tech Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Strand: Digital Tools & Creation
Room: Windsor II - Embassy Suites

In this session, you will learn free & easy to use tech tools that encourage communication & collaboration skills as well as quick tips to ensure digital respect and responsibility. We will explore ways to promote creativity and 21st Century Standards through tools like Nearpod, Padlet, Kahoot, Prezi and more. Through examples, student work samples, and easy signups, you will experience active engagement and come away with ideas on how these tools can be used for quick feedback as well as instruction. Leave with ‘Top 10' Tools & quick tips!

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