Badge Unlocked: Inspiring Students to Crave More Learning Opportunities

Speaker: Joe Cox, Teacher, Lutheran High School South, MO
Day/Time: Wednesday - 9:45am - 10:35am
Audience: 6 - 12
Tech Level: Beginner
Strand: Innovative Instruction
Room: Augusta - Embassy Suites

Bored with a current course you teach? Are you stuck teaching the class no one else in the department wants? Join us in turning a stale course into an exciting gaming adventure. You will learn a framework to begin to design your own classroom game to rejuvenate a classroom environment and inspire students to seek additional learning opportunities. While making use of common tools (such as Microsoft Excel), this session will focus more on the principles utilized to create a system which can be managed in a variety of different ways. This session will guide you towards creating a badge-oriented incentive program which inspires your students to do more work. Come learn to gamify your classroom!

Session resources:

» Archived METC17 Searchable Program & Handouts