Bridging the Gap: Tackling Digital Equity Through Access and Opportunity

(Panel Session)
Speakers: Chantell Mason, Teacher, Ritenour School District, MO
                 Patricia Brown, Technology Integration Coach, Ladue School District, MO
                 Latoshia Ellis, Teacher, Ritenour School District, MO
Day/Time: Tuesday - 10:50am - 11:40am
Audience: Early Childhood - Post Secondary
Tech Level: Beginner
Strand: Leadership
Room: D3

Come engage in a rich discussion centered on K-12 digital equity and problems of practice from diverse perspectives that can be transferable to similar school situations. You will learn how equity issues, especially concerning race, gender and economic standing have broad implications on students regardless of district size. We'll discuss problems of practice as well as solutions that address digital needs affecting access and opportunity for students, especially students living in poverty and students of color. Panelists represent a broad spectrum, including the edtech industry and schools with diverse student populations.

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