Engineering Brightness: Lighting up the World through Philanthropic Entrepreneurship (Poster Session)

Speaker:  Tracey Winey, Media Specialist & Teacher, Preston Middle School
                 John Howe, Founder/Director of STEM Institutes, Preston Middle School STEM Institutes
Day/Time: Wednesday, February 15 - 9:15am - 10:40am
Audience: K - 12
Tech Level: All
Strand: Digital Tools & Creation

Engineering Brightness where we took the concept and practice of 3D Printing to create an authentic, multi-age, global entrepreneurship project. We forged connections with other educators at the K-12 and tertiary levels. The essential question Tracey and John looked to solve through the project was: 'how can students use technology to impact the world and themselves?' By finding a problem kids can solve with a focus on engineering, we created an amazing and unique global opportunity through Engineering Brightness. Students designed 3D lights that can be printed and shared with communities who currently experience light poverty, so they have light to aid in reading and studying at night. Come learn how!

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