360 Degrees of Learning

Speaker: Chris Anderson, Library Media Specialist, Liberty High School, MO
Lori Riedel, Library Media Specialist, Liberty High School, MO
Day/Time: Wednesday - 1:00pm - 1:50pm
Audience: 6 - 12
Tech level: All

Strand: Library & Media Literacy

Room: D1

Redefine your library to be a welcoming and inclusive space where students and staff can come to create, connect and cultivate 360 degrees of learning. Create a library environment that is flexible, collaborative, student-driven and inspiring. Physical flexibility of space allows on-demand, customizable access suitable for individuals, small groups, whole classes and community events. Students and staff are inspired to use the space for anything ranging from instructional to personal interests, all resulting in the development of the student skills needed for instructional innovation and college and career readiness. By redefining and rebranding the library, it has emerged as the central resource to support all areas of academic and instructional needs. It is essential that libraries evolve beyond a place for reading material and research assistance.

Session resources: https://tinyurl.com/360impact

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