Avoiding Brain Drain: 30 Minute Tech

Speaker: Andi Huisinga, Library Media Specialist, Northwest R-1 School District, MO
Day/Time: Wednesday - 10:50am - 11:40am
Audience: K - 5
Tech Level: Intermediate
Strand: Library
Room: 105

We've all been there. Technology PDC is often overwhelming with so much tech introduced that teachers end up not incorporating any of it. Librarians and other specialists can help ALL teachers streamline administrative procedures and create highly effective student learning by chunking tech PDC into short, product-oriented bites. Come discover how 20-30 minute tech sessions can make PDC more effective. By breaking up large technology ideas into bite-sized pieces that are product driven, it provides quality PDC without overwhelming teachers. Examples of GAFE, Discovery Education and free resources will be shown. School librarians need to evolve into technology leaders in their schools and help teachers find the technological resources needed to make their administrative and instructional practices more effective. By educating teachers in a manner that will not overwhelm them, the LMS & Instructional Coaches can be agents of school-wide change.

Session resources: https://goo.gl/U0ixa6

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