Tech PD Implementation Survival Guide

Speaker: Joshua Howard, Instructional Technology Facilitator, Fulton Public Schools
Day/Time: Wednesday - 10:50am - 11:40am
Audience: K - 12
Tech Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Strand: Leadership
Room: 103

Is your school district ready to embrace technology and go deep with tech integration? Are your teachers ready for this challenge? This session will show you how you can gear your school for this moment. We will show you what we did as a school to provide school based professional development to our staff and the structures we put in place to ensure success. We will discuss how to prioritize what PD should look like for technology. Finally, we'll foster an understanding of how to make data an important part of your PD program, and review strategies for effective tech PD implementation. You will leave understanding how to plan for technology PD system in a school or district wide setting.

Session resources:

» Archived METC17 Searchable Program & Handouts