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Digital Differentiation: Tools for All Learners

Speaker: Stephanie Filardo, Teacher, St. John Vianney High School, MO
Day/Time: Wednesday - 2:20pm - 3:10pm
Audience: K - Post Secondary
Tech Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Strand: Innovative Instruction
Room: Windsor I - Embassy Suites

Differentiation is often thought of exclusively for special education, but involves reaching different levels of students, which is a big, broad topic. Educators often have difficulty making sense of accommodations, modifications, and strategies. In this session, you will explore a variety of tools for increasing accessibility to the curriculum that can be used with all students. At the end, you will have a better understanding of differentiation and increased familiarity of digital tools for increasing accessibility to the curriculum. Some of the technology integration tools to be demonstrated not only Google Apps for Education, but also game-based learning modes including BrainPOP GameUp (free to access), and high interest activities like Flocabulary and GoNoodle.

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

Spotlight Educator: Kara Welty, Mentor Teacher & Technology Integrationist, Independence School District
Don Goble, Broadcast Technology Film and Multimedia Instructor, Ladue School District
Day/Time: Wednesday - 1:00pm - 1:50pm
Audience: K - Post Secondary Tech
Level: All Strand: Digital Tools & Creation
Room: Grand Ballroom A

Learning through story has never been more important than it is today. In this session, you will review research for youth media habits, gain a deeper understanding on the importance of visual literacy, and learn creative and simple ways to engage your students in digital storytelling to show content comprehension across the curriculum. At the end of this session, you will understand the importance of building on our student visual literacies and learn an alternative method of addressing State Standards, by incorporating tangible lessons involving visual and media literacy. Example applications include WeVideo, Animoto, MS Photostory, SchoolTube and more. Leave with simple and free workflow ideas and apps to develop digital story lessons connected to your personal curriculum.

Digital Storytelling, Turning Writing into Movies (Poster Session)

Speaker:  Missy Kelly, Gifted Education Specialist, Francis Howell School District
Day/Time: Tuesday, February 14 - 1:50pm - 3:10pm
Audience: K - 12
Tech Level: All
Strand: Digital Tools & Creation

Help your students take their writing to the next level. You will learn where to find resources for digital storytelling. This Poster Session will also go over a process on how to help students make stories come to life on the screen. We will be using iMovie as our main editing software, but information could be applied to other platforms like Windows Movie Maker or Photostory. This process has been used for: making movies for projects in the classroom, entering movie contests, with after school movie clubs, and for adults creating movies for school use.

Discovery Education - It's Not Just Videos

Spotlight Educator: Shelby Bailey, Teacher, Warren County R-III, MO
Day/Time: Tuesday - 9:45am - 10:35am
Audience: K - 12
Tech Level: All
Strand: Innovative Instruction
Room: 105

It's so easy to just play a video for your students, but are they truly engaged in the learning? There is so much more to Discovery Education than just videos! At the end of this session, you will have experienced TEN new ways to use Discovery Education. Come explore DE and learn to use this resource well beyond videos! **You will need a Discovery Education Subscription

Ditch That OLD Research Project

Spotlight Educator: Shannon Steimel, Librarian, Lift for Life Academy, MO
Day/Time: Tuesday - 2:20pm - 3:10pm
Audience: 6 - 12
Tech Level: All Strand: Library
Room: Jr. Ballroom D

Are your secondary students still writing research papers, creating slide presentations and making poster projects? This session will provide a framework for project-based learning that anyone can implement. The emphasis will be student choice and creativity to show learning in both informational and persuasive projects. We will also focus on how crafting compelling questions can drive research. You will walk away with menus of digital tools students can utilize with PBL best practices.

Session resources: https://goo.gl/duqBw6

Don't Laminate your Lesson Plans!

Speaker: Anne Truger, Educational Technologist, Truger Tech Talk, LLC, IL
Day/Time: Wednesday - 2:20pm - 3:10pm
Audience: K - 12
Tech Level: Beginner
Strand: Digital Tools & Creation
Room: Jr. Ballroom A

What are some ways to shake up your lessons? We will use the SAMR 2.0 self reflection model to innovate your classroom. How can we step out of our comfort zone to let go of good and go for the great? You will leave this session with ideas and tools to help invigorate and enhance some of their favorite lessons. We'll explore various web tools, including Answer Garden. Bring your favorite lesson plan, share it and reflect.

Don't Market Your School Like a School

Speaker: Josh Walker, Director of Marketing & Communications, Success Academy
Day/Time: Wednesday - 9:45am - 10:35am
Audience: Early Childhood - Post Secondary
Tech Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Strand: Digital Tools & Creation
Room: 101

Stop. School is boring. We need to break tradition. An innovative growth spirit is essential in the education market today. Now is the time to learn how to grow your school using creative marketing tactics and a communications plan. By using your existing channels and constituents, and learning how to incorporate digital media, storytelling, and more, you will be prepared to leverage your existing brand equity and build momentum using minimal resources. Learn from a freelance consultant who worked with small businesses before joining a school, tasked with doubling its student population in less than three months. By using communication and marketing tools like Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Wordpress, Mailchimp you will learn how to make a lasting impact on your community today.

Session resources: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1cp3zEW36_aFx7HBxHoHaz8he6z8hGLslMthgeiZZWyg/edit?usp=sharing

Don't Shy Away from Greatness

Speaker: Nick Proud, Principal, Iowa City Community School District
Day/Time: Wednesday - 9:45am - 10:35am
Audience: Early Childhood - Post Secondary
Tech Level: Beginner, Intermediate Strand: Leadership
Room: 102

Don't Shy Away from Greatness will lead participants through a step by step process of taking your school/district's mission and vision to brand your school(s) and directly impact student learning. We will also examine the power of high expectations when branding your school community and how it can influence staff behaviors, change mindsets, and create positive perception from the entire school community. #FinestGreatestBest

Session resources: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1GKlZ1btwoTINN8zMaUGf3dphwcixllq_0SPD3SsEWhw/edit#slide=id.p4


Effective Communication in the Tech-Ruled Classroom

Speaker: Josh Carter, Teacher, Monett R-1, MO Kourtney Brown, Teacher, Monett R-1, MO
Day/Time: Tuesday, 1:00pm - 1:50pm
Audience: K - 8
Tech Level: All
Strand: Innovative Instruction
Room: 102

In this session we will present the methods in which we maintain our 1:1 classroom which hosts 7 teachers daily. We will demonstrate efficient communication between teachers, students, and parents. Some of the resources to be shared during this session include Trello, Google Drive, Google Classroom, ClassDojo, and Seesaw. By the end of the session you will know how to use these resources for effective communication and collaboration within your classroom.

Session Resources: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/13hsaouGCwo5SgFTP4L1ptlqXx7aD4RbrB7Oi-5K2mSY/edit?usp=sharing

Elementary Literacy Differentiated Time Saving Tools

Speakers: Abigail Howe, Instructional Coach Shawnee Mission School District, KS
                 Krista Carson, Instructional Coach, Shawnee Mission School District, KS
Day/Time: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 1:00pm - 1:50pm
Audience: K - 5
Tech Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Strand: Innovative Instruction
Room: Windsor I - Embassy Suites

Need literacy tools for digital differentiation that save valuable teaching time? Fill your toolbox with tools for ALL learners here. You will learn about key digital tools to differentiate literacy instruction. Leave understanding how to save valuable teaching time by utilizing digital differentiation tools to increase student achievement in literacy.

Session resources: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1zFQIiyfqcTkoz3Yi6boS_ncosHRSlzdqnjfh2eJFLh0/edit?usp=sharing