2017 METC Spotlight Educators

2017 #METCspotlight Educators

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The Midwest Education Technology Community's Spotlight Educator recognition is to honor educational leaders from the region, whose practices are making a difference for students and teachers by using technology. This is reflected in increased knowledge, improved skills, and academic achievement by integrating technology into their instructional practices. The 2017 METC Spotlight Educators applications were collected online over several months, then scored by the METC Conference Committee

2017 METC Conference Information

Shelby Bailey

Shelby Bailey is currently a 5th grade teacher at Rebecca Boone Elementary in the Warren County R-III School District, where she is also her building’s Instructional Technology Specialist and Mystery Skype expert. She is a Discovery Educator Network Star, a member of the DEN Leadership Council, a regional and national presenter on using technology in education, and a 2016 PBS Digital Innovator for Missouri.

Shelby has also been accepted to the prestigious DEN Summer Institute for four summers. You can reach her on Twitter at @tech_shelby.

Shelby will be Presenting:

Discovery Education - Its Not Just Videos

Mystery Skype - Where in the World

Kami Butterfield

Kami Butterfield is a third grade teacher in the Baxter Springs (KS) school district. She has had iPads in her classroom for the past 5 years of her 20 year career. She is the teacher blogger behind Teaching with APPitude! Very passionate about the use of technology in classrooms, she shares what she and her students do on several social media outlets. Each week, she does a Periscope show called I have an APP for that! on the iTeachTVnetwork to instruct teachers all over the world how to use different apps.

Kami is a Wonderbox Ambassador, an EPIC! Master Teacher!, a Seesaw Ambassador, a Teachers Pay Teachers Author, and a Classkick Mentor. Her classroom is the district's model of what a 1:1 iPad classroom should look like. Teachers from all over the world connect with her via Snapchat or Instagram to get a sneak peak of what her classroom is like. Follow her on Twitter at @kamibutterfield.

Kami will be Presenting:

Classkick - Game Changing App

Teaching with APPtitude

Kim Darche

Kim Darche is a Digital Learning Coach who joyfully and enthusiastically supports educators, students and administrators as they strive to improve their craft. She works within the Lemont School District 113A and is an adjunct professor at the University of St. Francis. She is passionate about individualized learning and leverages digital devices to build that within classrooms. Kim has received two advanced degrees in both Educational Technology and Administrative Leadership and is also a Level 2 Google Certified Teacher.

Most recently she has been chosen to be part of the Chicagoland Google Educators Group and is more ready than ever to collaborate with leaders, learners, leaps and bounders! Follow her on Twitter at @kimdarche.

Kim will be Presenting:

Impactful Professional Development: Strategies to Lead and Empower

Questioning Techniques that bring about Change

Debbie Fucoloro, PhD

Debbie Fucoloro, PhD is the Technology Coordinator/Instructional Technology Specialist at St. Margaret Mary Alacoque School in St. Louis (MO). She is passionate about technology integration and creating inspiring learning opportunities for students which includes assisting in the design of the SMMA Innovation Lab--a space that invites and ignites participatory learning, supports creative thinking, and encourages students to: solve a problem, fill a need, and/or answer a question. Debbie strives to help teachers and students see themselves as successful learners full of possibilities and ready to make the world a better place. She has presented at METC, ISTE, and various local conferences.

Debbie enjoys learning with and from her vibrant PLN. She is a Google Certified Teacher, on the EdcampSTL and EdcampArchSTL planning teams, co-founder of EdcampMagic, and a moderator of #MOedchat. Follow Debbie on Twitter at @debbiefuco.

Debbie will be Presenting:

Creating a Space for Deeper Learning

Cracking the Code

Kelly Hauquitz

Kelly Hauquitz is a co-high school media specialist with Andrea Head in the Francis Howell School District. During her career she has also been a middle school librarian and an English teacher. Kelly is a building ‘teacher of the year’ winner and in 2016 she and Andrea won MASL’s Progressive School Library Media Program award.

She feels that the best library programs build relationships, stay current with tech and lit, are ubiquitous, efficient, and, ultimately, do what is best for patrons. You can follow her on Twitter at @hauquitz.

Kelly will be Presenting:

Marketing your Library in the Digital Age

(with Andrea Head)

LMS Burnout Prevention


Andrea Head is a co-high school media specialist and district learning commons content leader in the Francis Howell School District. She is a member of MASL and ISTE, a DEN star, and has received the Progressive School Library Media Program Award with her co-worker, Kelly Hauquitz.

Andrea’s career goals have been to make the library/learning commons the hub of the school by providing an inviting atmosphere for students and staff and to assist teachers in finding unique ways to integrate 21st century skills into all content areas. Follow her on Twitter at @aheadinthegame.

Andrea will be Presenting:

Marketing your Library in the Digital Age

(with Kelly Hauquitz)

Dustin Jenkerson

Dustin Jenkerson is a former 6th grade social studies teacher and current middle school principal within the Columbia, Missouri Public Schools. An instructional and digital leader that believes technology should be use by principals to model its effectiveness for teachers and students. Dustin is highly motivated to encourage teachers to implement technology to increase their presentation skills, student engagement within the classroom and as a formative assessment tool. Follow Dustin on Twitter at @DustinJenkerson.

Dustin will be Presenting:

Promoting a Digital Culture

The Digital-Age School: A Vision for the Future (with Kasey Bailey)


Mary Kienstra is an elementary teacher who teaches 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade gifted students in the Naperville 203 school district in Illinois. She is passionate about empowering these exceptional students with choice and differentiation. Using technology in the classroom, her students create content and share their learning in a variety of ways.

She blogs about all of her experiences at www.marykienstra.com. Follow her on Twitter at @beebekienstra.

Mary will be Presenting:

Transforming Non-fiction Reading and Research with Technology

Google Forms - Your New Best Friend

JP Pressavento

JP Prezzavento is the Coordinator of Instructional Technology for the Fox C-6 School District in Arnold, MO. In this role, he leads professional development for teachers and administrators and works to challenge their thinking about the role of technology in education. JP is passionate about using technology to give all learners the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with peers both across the room and around the world.

Locally, JP serves on the board for the Educational Technology Association of St. Louis and has partnered with educators around the region to create collaborative learning experiences for thousands of teachers. You can connect with JP on Twitter at @jpprezz.

JP will be Presenting:

Automate your School with Google Apps

Google Slides: This isn't your Grandma's Powerpoint!

Shannon Steimel

Shannon Steimel is Library Media Specialist at Lift for Life Academy, a public, nonprofit charter school in St. Louis. She believes librarians play a key role in ed tech leadership and serves as the Academy's Technology Committee Chair. Her work earned her the 2016 LFLA Operations Service Award for exceptional work in support services, education program effectiveness, collaboration and innovation. Along with providing professional development for her district, she often presents locally and at worldwide virtual conferences such as Library 2.0. Shannon is also a board member of the Educational Technology Association of St. Louis. Follow her on Twitter @ShannonSteimel.

Shannon will be Presenting:

Ditch that OLD Research Project

Passion-Based Literacies & Social Media

Kara Welty

Kara Welty is a Mentor Teacher and Technology Integrationist in the Missouri Independence School District. Kara is a visionary, an innovative leader, writer, and presenter who pushes boundaries for students and educators.

Kara is an advocate and pioneer for using social media in schools through implementing technology with a sound purpose, creating meaningful PD opportunities and EdCamps for districts and cities, and placing student learning and empowerment first. Follow Kara on Twitter at @kara_welty.

Kara will be Presenting:

Engaging Students and Families with Instagram and Twitter

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

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