METC Committees

ISTE AffiliateMETC Planning & Advisory Council (Program Committee)This group supports the entire METC ISTE Affiliate program, providing guidance and advocacy for educational technology across Missouri and beyond.



METC18 METC Conference Committee These members provide input on the content and logistics, as well as share in the preparation and operations during the METC conference.


METC Ambassador The METC Ambassadors provide support on an as-needed basis. They are typically those educators who have retired, changed professions or job positions, or are overly committed to their current job duties or other outside advocacy work. 

SMAM SHOWcase METC Student Innovation SHOWcase Committee
This sub-committee manages and coordinates the student showcase of digital work that is shared during the METC Conference. (This has grown from the Show-Me a Movie Contest we offered from 2006-2016.)

METC PlaykerSpace This sub-committee volunteers their time, talents, and treasures to support the hands-on experiences we provide at METC events. 

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