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NEW METC18 Preconference Workshop Schedule as of 2.8.18 (subject to change)

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Digital Creation & Tools
Library & Media Literacy

Innovative Instruction
STEM/STEAM Initiatives (new for 2018)
Technical Infrastructure & Support

* Workshops are in alphabetical order by title and by morning & afternoon opportunities.
* If you choose a morning and afternoon workshop, lunch is included in your registration.
* All workshops will be at the St. Charles Convention Center.
* #METC18 Conference Overview

Morning Preconference Workshops
9am-12pm on Monday, February 12, 2018

P01 - Blending Project Based Learning, STEM and Service Learning
Jenna Lucas, Teacher, Parkway School District
Shelley Freiberger, Teacher, Parkway School District
Kira Brennan, Teacher, Parkway School District
Emily Thornburg, Teacher, Parkway School District
Strand: STEM / STEAM Initiatives
Discover the benefits of incorporating Project Based Learning along with STEM and Service Learning. Hear from student personal learning experiences too.


P02 - Breaking into Breakout EDU Games
Cindy Lane, CEO, Lane Outstanding Learning
Strand: Digital Creation & Tools
Understand the WHY and HOW of the Breakout EDU games. Analyze, edit, and create your own breakout game and system for any classroom lesson or professional learning experience.


P03 - Coding is for all Kids! Fundamentals
Patricia Brown, Technology Specialist, Ladue School District
Strand: STEM/STEAM Initiatives
Discover simple ways to incorporate coding into your day-to-day lessons to increase student engagement and empower learning. Gain exposure to resources & programs related to STEM careers & activities.


P04 - Community Connections: Taking Teaching One Step Further
Rae Hughart, Teacher, Unit 5 School District
Strand: Innovative Instruction
Build support and engage community by designing dynamic units of study that incorporate curriculum, creativity and careers through community sponsored activities


P05 - Connecting the Dots: Growing a Movement
(Keynote Speaker) Sarah Thomas, Founder & CEO, EduMatch
Strand: Leadership
Learn ways to grow collaborative movements, using the power of social media. This workshop is geared towards the intermediate user, who has already created and used social media to connect with other educators. Bring an idea about a movement you would like to begin and grow your PLN.


P06 - Create Your Own Augmented and Virtual Realities
Vicki Mikow, Teacher, Fox C-6 School District
Stand: Digital Creation & Tools
Build, design, code and view Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the classroom using mobile and digital resources.


P07 - Design School for Educators
(Spotlight Educator) Sadie Lewis, Instructional Innovation Specialist, Mehlville School District
Strand: Leadership
Explore best practices and design a process using digital tools and resources for incorporating design into your instruction


P08 - Digital Portfolios + Google Sites = Visible Student Learning
Linda Dougherty, Teacher Librarian & Educational Technology Instructor,
Strand: Library & Media Literacy
Collaborate and create different types of digital portfolios using Google Sites and other student friendly applications, giving voice beyond the classroom


P09 - Enhancing Instruction and Learning for SPED and ELL Students
Debra Cole, MELL Instructional Specialist, St. Louis, RPDC, EducationPlus
Jeanne Rothermel, SPED Instructional Specialist, St. Louis, RPDC, EducationPlus

Strand: Innovative Instruction
Learn three steps for effectively differentiating lessons for ALL students. Then explore and practice with three different digital tools to create tech-rich, differentiated lessons you can use next week.


P10 - Enlighten, Engage & Collaborate with STEAM Partners
Miranda Ming, Assistant Principal, Jennings School District
Remy Bryant, Instructional Coach/Biology Teacher, Jennings School District
Rhonda Key, Principal, Jennings School District
Strand: Leadership
Learn to encourage industry based partnerships and mastery learning that embraces tech tools, so students are able to achieve graduation, and prepare for future ready endeavors


P11 - Google: Mission Control for your Life
Greg Lawrence, Director of Technology, Wentzville School District
Strand: Leadership
Discover how to bring order to the education chaos with amazing Google tools from Drive to Gmail to Calendar to Keep and so much more!


P12 - Mobile Photowalk: Bring Images into the Classroom
Bill Bass, Innovation Coordinator, Parkway School District
Amy Johnson, Digital Learning Specialist, Parkway School District
Strand: Digital Creation & Tools
Examine mobile apps for photo editing while improving your photography skills. Learn how to create & annotate images using digital tools.


P13 - Robots: They Do What You Tell Them
Kathy Foy, Teacher, Principia
Ralph Olliges, Professor of Education Technology, Webster University
Strand: Innovative Instruction
Explore STEM activities using robots, coding, robotic arms, UAVS, ROVS and more to engage students.


P14 - When Will I Ever Use This: Real World Math
Kelly Skubic, Teacher, Visitation Academy
Strand: Innovative Instruction
Make references to skills students need, address questions students have, incorporate real-world math skills with cross-curricular content.

Afternoon Preconference Workshops
1-4pm on Monday, February 12, 2018

P15 - 3D Modeling & Printing For All: It's Not Rocket Science
Julia Griffey, Associate Professor of Interactive Digital Media, Webster University

Strand: Digital Creation & Tools
Make printable 3D models and enhance learning activities. Discover how to find and slice 3D models, and the pros & cons of 3D printers in the classroom


P16 - Artists Can Inspire STEM Too
Jennifer Martin, STEMakerSpace Coordinator, Independent Schools of St. Louis
Ashley Carr, Artist and Educator, Independent Schools of St. Louis
Strand: STEM/STEAM Initiatives
In this multi-age adaptable workshop we will have hands-on STEM & Art lessons based on Alexander Calder’s Mobiles and Stabiles for the educator to take back to the classroom. You will also experience roundtable discussions about artists that have a strong STEM connection, and learn how project based STEM content is found in an artist’s portfolio.


P17 - Best Practices with Google Classroom
Jonathon Lee, Instructional Specialist, St. Louis, RPDC, EducationPlus
Strand: Innovative Instruction
Learn best practices in Google Classroom & Apps for student success. Simplify classwork & manage student work in one location. All teachers who use the Google Suite are welcome!


P18 - Breakout from the Zombies: MS PBL Adventures
Carly Ewing, Teacher, Holden R3 School District
Sarah Abel, Teacher, Holden R3 School District
Strand: Innovative Instruction
Gain experience in project based learning while participating in an integrated breakout & making your own game.  Design a new civilization using Civics Principles.

P19 - Coding is Elementary: Engaging Students Through Computer Science
Debbie Fucoloro, Technology Coordinator, Archdiocese of St. Louis
Christine Ruder, Teacher, Rolla Public Schools
Strand: Digital Creation & Tools
Learn strategies and resources to teach coding to K-5 students using programs that are both plugged in (low-tech & high tech) as well as unplugged (no-tech).

P20 - Digital Citizenship: Moving Beyond Personal Responsibility
(Featured Speaker) Dr. Kristen Mattson, Library Media Center Director, Indian Prairie School District 204
Strand: Library & Media Literacy
Discover that digital citizenship is more than a personal responsibility. Take your lessons to the next level & empower Ss as members of digital communities.


P21 - EdTech Tools for Formative Assessment
Heather DeLaurent, Library Media Specialist, Camdenton R-III School District

Michelle Neal, Library Media Specialist, Camdenton R-III School District
Strand: Leadership
Identify, explore and create formative assessments using technology tools for classroom and walk-through data collection


P22 - Google Certified Olympics- Go for the Gold
Nick Cusumano, Director of Instructional Technology, Fort Zumwalt School District
Stephanie Filardo, Teacher, St. John Vianney High School
Strand: Innovative Instruction
Develop resources for technology integration by preparing for the Google Certified Educator Level 1 & Level 2 Exam. Test your skills in multi-tool challenges, increasing your knowledge and confidence.


P23 - Make Science Come to Life with WeDo 2.0
James Albertone, Education Consultant, LEGO Education
Strand: STEM/STEAM Initiatives
Experience how science can come to life through hands-on, real-world projects. LEGO Education's WeDo 2.0 is a curriculum-relevant resource that builds confidence to ask questions, define problems, and design solutions


P24- Reaching ALL Students with Mastery Learning
Chad Ostrowski, Founder / Consultant, Progressive Mastery Learning
Strand: Innovative Instruction
Identify basic strategies to embed mastery learning & create your own self-paced mastery grid for your classroom today


P25 - Shining a Spotlight on our Schools
(Featured Speaker) Steve Dembo, CEO, Teach42
Strand: Leadership
Learn how school districts are leveraging social media to promote school activities. Create a communications plan, and explore ideas for improving school & community relations by increasing transparency.


P26 - The Lesser Known World of Google
Mike McCann, School Improvement Consultant, St. Louis, RPDC, EducationPlus
Strand: Digital Creation & Tools??
Explore Google Tools that you may not utilize or simply do not know exist! Be prepared to dig into Google Drawing, Google My Maps, Keep, Photos, and more. You'll enter into the realm of the "Add-ons" toward the end of the day!


P27 - Unleash Your Creativity Genius
Greg Lawrence, Director of Technology, Wentzville School District
Strand: Digital Creation & Tools
Experience the making of a movie. From filming, to editing, to creating an epic soundtrack....and all from an iPad/Chromebook.


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