METC Mission & History


As a program of theLearningLab of EducationPlus, a non-profit education consortium, the Midwest Education Technology Community (METC) is an educational technology program and an affiliate of the International Society of Technology in Education. METC is dedicated to assisting the education community through support, promotion, and leadership in the effective use of educational technology. 

Midwest Education Technology Community:

Motivate, engage, transform, and connect all learners to advocacy, partnerships, and professional learning opportunities.
Curate a collaborative community of innovative educational partnerships to support all learners.

* Foster and model a participatory culture, professional practice, and lifelong learning
* Inspire creativity and expertise in digital and media literacies
* Advocate for access, adequacy, and equity in education technology through policy and best practices
* Explore and promote high-quality digital-age teaching and learning resources in preK-12 education
* Provide opportunities to cultivate digital citizens

Who is the METC ISTE affiliate?

As a program of EducationPlus, the Midwest Education Technology Community ISTE affiliate provides professional development and support for area educators through the use of technology and 21st century skills. The affiliate was established in 2010 and consists of educators from the Greater St. Louis area and beyond.



Established in 2010, the METC ISTE Affiliate was originally established within the Virtual Learning Center of Cooperating School Districts (VLC of CSD). After CSD underwent a strategic planning process, it reorganized and rebranded becoming EducationPlus in the fall of 2013. The VLC was absorbed and later reorganized through the merger of the Midwest Education Technology Conference and ISTE affiliate program. In 2014, the Midwest Education Technology Community (METC) was created as an educational resource that helps innovative learners connect. 

Since the first Missouri edcamp in the fall of 2010, the METC continues to support innovative educators and their learning. We have provided annual support of EdCampKC and EdCampSTL since they began. We have expanded our support of other edcamps and educational advocacy groups across Missouri as well. In January of 2015, the Educational Technology Association of St. Louis merged their ISTE affiliate with METC, making a inaugural collaborative partnership. We welcomed the eMINTS National Center soon after. 

METC features the tagline, "Connecting Innovative Learners," as educators who take advantage of METC resources seek out ways to connect with the latest technology, other educators, and students.  METC members engage learners and transform learning in their actions and reactions.  Our resources help learners motivate, engage, transform and connect. 

Our conference is one of the largest educational technology conferences in the nation with over 2,000 attendees.  During the conference, international and national experts share the latest in technology trends, local educational leaders share best practices for implementing technology in the classroom and educators get a unique opportunity to collaborate.

As an ISTE affiliate, METC provides educators a wealth of valuable resources including opportunities for networking and collaboration, discounts on registrations and educational resources and a connection to the global clearinghouse of resources that ISTE provides.

As a program of theLearningLab of EducationPlus, anyone in education is welcome to join our collaborative community.  

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